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“Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly.”

Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace

Gaye Crispin

Gaye Crispin #taolife

Hello and welcome,

Life is noisy, and in the middle of all the hurly-burly I try to grab a few minutes here and there to occassionally control the ideas and thoughts that vie for my attention. And I do that by reading.

Reading is my preferred form of meditation and I particularly love insightful quotes and cleverly crafted lines because it only takes a moment to experience whole new thought processes and a transformed world.

It’s line-by-line, moment by moment, that our beliefs are built… whether we realise it or not. 

The TAOLife Poster and Quotes Directory contains many favourite quotes from my personal library of over 5,000 books, which is my second, having lost my first library to fire in 1989.

On this site you’ll find hundreds of quotes that are indelibly etched in both my mind and heart. Quotes which at some point in time, challenged, changed, energised, inspired, guided and even educated me. I love spending time here, soaking up the wisdom of the sages, and I hope you enjoy your time here too.

Thank you for visiting The Art Of Life Studio, and may you always be happy,

Gaye Crispin

CEO, Australian Business Champions

Sydney, Australia

PS: If you have a favourite quote you’d like me to include here, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
Gaye Crispin's Library

Gaye Crispin’s Library
“5 essential elements for a happy life are: simplicity, tolerance, patience, kindness and compassion.” Gaye Crispin #quote #taolife

The Art Of Life is Kindness ~ Gaye Crispin

The Art Of Life is Kindness ~ Gaye Crispin